Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Head Over Heals, but Rubber Side Down

It's the prettiest thing I've ever seen, and it's mine, and I don't want to be apart from it for a moment. It rides like a dream--light and stiff, it wants to go forward, fast. It grips corners and takes the line I choose as if it could read my mind. It's pink and white. I can't wait to get mud on it!

More pictures of my new cyclocross bike coming soon...

Check out Brian's post too--there's a slideshow of the whole build process.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Boys will come and go, but i'll always have my bike

It's nearly midnight on Monday, and I'm baking brownies. When mulling over complicated thoughts, I like to bake. The methodical process untangles my busy mind, and unlike most endeavors baking consistently yields immediately gratifying results.

I am certain about one thing: I love to race my bike.

Fast as ****
The anticipation of last Wednesday's Witches Cup in Salem had me shaking in my boots. I would be racing against some fast ladies, and could only hope to hold my own and stick with the pack. The short crit looped around a park, and the festive mood around the race excited me. Right from the start Lynne Bessette and Rebecca Wellons attacked, and the rest of us never caught them! It was fast as ****! I settled in and waited for the sprint finish; I got 6th! Then I bought a pint of ice cream and watched Adam make some moves in the men's pro-1-2-3 race (read his blog about Salem too).

I'm pretty damn excited about racing.

My new cross bike should be finished by the end of the week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Defending my Title

Winning in the sprint at the Fall River Crit was really fun!Photo by Steve Hopkins