Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Ayako's cuteness is unparalleled in cyclocross. This is her special National Champion outfit. She rules.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I heard from Ayako that she won Japanese National Champion for the third time, and our friend Masumi won second! Look how rad her kit is–I admit to coveting it.

Meanwhile, I won the somewhat less prestigious honor of Rhode Island State Champion (there are no other Elite women in the state to challenge me). As promised, I celebrated my victory at the HUB's annual holiday/cyclocross party with a bottle of fancy champagne. Once again, the HUB outdid themselves: the taqueria provided a copious buffet of their renouned tacos, DJs Isaac P. Gertman D.D.S. and Micah Jackson spun the whole room into a dance party, and Peter severed intoxicating espresso from his fabulous shiny copper machine.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ain't no Party like a West Coast Party

If you live anywhere near Encino Velodrome, I hope you will attend this event on December 8th!

Mr. Sugino has taken a great interest in bike messenger and urban cycling culture: working with couriers on product development, sponsoring alley-cat races and such, and showing up at these events. Super rad!

If you make it to this one, please tell me how it goes!

Ain't no Party like an East Coast Party

I'm looking forward to racing and partying on my home turf this coming weekend. I plan to win Rhode Island State Champion at the W.E Steadman Gran Prix of Cyclocross on Saturday. Considering that I am the only Elite woman in the state, I've got that one in the bag.

I'll celebrate my victory that evening at the HUB's annual holiday/cyclocross party–enjoying superior food catered by Taqueria Pacifica, while DJs Micah Jackson and Isaac P. Gertman D.D.S. (in town from NYC) play their jammin'est jams. There's been a lot of talk at Fort AwesomePants (my house) about what fabulous outfits to wear, and Jesse usually dons a 3-piece suit: I dare you to outdo us! (Don't worry: schlubs and smelly bike punks are welcome too).

Sunday, you can catch me racing off a Veuve Clicquot hangover at the NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross. Both races will be hosted in Goddard Park, and offer free Narragansett beer–for spectators as well as racers! This is the final weekend of the New England Verge series, and the end of the season for most anyone not attending Nationals. Woot!

I just finished a run of 50 posters commisioned by NBX for their race. Here are some shots of the process.