Thursday, March 27, 2008

NBX blog

Adam offers some good advice on bartape, "Looking good makes you faster. White tape is the fastest." Read more at .


Embrocation is the warming salve cyclists slather on their legs to protect them from chilly weather and accentuate their physique. It is also a magazine (designed and printed with coffee-table-book quality) that could titalte any cycling enthusiast. Read their blog, order a copy, or flip through one at the HUB (or NBX?).

Friday, March 7, 2008

and when I'm not baking

IMG_1649.JPG, originally uploaded by hhhannah.

I've been in the studio drafting a design for a print to be in this show in Mineapolis.
My Dad was in town from Washington state last weekend, and he helped me print the first color.

when I'm not bikin' I'm bakin'

"How is my cake coming?"Adam asked me a few days before his birthday.
"In my imagination, very elaborate..."
"How are you going to make yellow cake with chocolate frosting elaborate?!?"
"Ha! You'll have to wait and see!" I retorted, hoping that my first foray into frosting flowers wouldn't fail.

It is well known that Adam Sullivan is "pretty much the best ever"; his birthday cake, however, is pretty much the best thing; ever (oops). He didn't seem to mind that I screwed up his catch phrase.