Thursday, May 8, 2008

Win Some, Lose Most

Because road racing is hard, and takes discipline and experience to do well, it is rewarding; however, sometimes it is simply frustrating. At those times I wonder if it's sick to put oneself through the rigors of training and stresses of competing, if it's worthwhile to push other passions and responsibilities to the backburner to pursue sport.

My season started in early April. I raced timidly at Turtle Pond and finished not last. The next weekend, I went all the way to upstate New York to race 10 miles of Battenkill (a 55 mile course) before quitting because of breathing problems. A third weekend offered two chances to compete, Sturbridge and Palmer. At Sturbridge I felt stronger and more confident, but dropped and broke my chain in the first of four laps.

With nothing to lose I rode more agressively at Palmer; I attacked early, but didn't have it in me to stay away alone for nearly fourty more miles. I sprinted well and finished 3rd! That's not winning, but my best finish ever in a road race, and enough to renew my optimism. It' worthwhile.