Friday, November 30, 2007

A Dozen Reasons to Procrastinate

Cupcakes last week, muffins this week: I take breaks from drawing and cycling to warm up my house by baking. As I write this, a tasty aroma radiates from the oven. A scruffy starling seems to peer in hopefully from his perch on an orange-leafed tree outside my window. If only he knew that it's nearly as cold in my drafty old house as it is outside!

For weeks I've neglected my blog; I've been too busy living–and baking–to write about it. Briefly, I will update my readership on posters, bicycle racing and sweets.

I've been overwhelmed and flattered by the response (and links) to my posters! They 2006 edition that I printed with Dan has sold out. I will have 2007 posters for sale at the upcoming Rhode Island Verge weekend, and at Nationals if I make it. Otherwise, I will ship them for and extra $10, and take payment ($30 total) by paypal to for as long as they last! Thanks for supporting my bike-racing and art-making!

Chesire 'Cross presented an opportunity to boost my ego: the big guns were away racing the GP in New Jersey. The course wound through the sort of rooty woodsy trails that I am terrible at, but love to ride. I finished 3rd–winning some nifty stuff and $50 (the largest payout I've received!)–then cheered on the boys. Santa Claus and other spectators were getting seriously silly (and wasted) on the run-up!

Sterling was cold. Again, some of the top racers were away, this time at a World Cup. A good opportunity for mediocre and newbie Elites like myself to finish in the points/money (Verge races pay 15 deep for women). I felt unfocused in the race and found my mind wandering towards grocery lists and party outfits. But when I realized I was in the bitch spot, 16th, that put a fire under my saddle. I finished 15th, wining my first ever Verge point. Then I drank a lot of beers (to replenish my glycogen stores).

I'll keep making them until the weather is consistently above freezing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hot off the Presses

OK, screenprinting doesn't get hot or really use a press, but these posters are fresh and few. I designed and screened 83 limited edition prints, and then I blasted out the screen: so that's it 83, and no more. 131/2 by 211/2 inches. The light color is metatallic gold (I was enamored with every sparkling pull).

I'm selling these unofficial Cylocross Nationals posters for $20 a piece to cover my expenses for travelling to Kansas City and racing. There are a few left from last year that are $15 a piece, or buy both posters for $30. I'll have them with me at some upcoming races, or you can e-mail me,

Off the Race Course: Into the Studio

Unemployment is unleashing a spell of prolific creativity. In the undefined period between jobs, I'm driven to accomplish as much of my own work as possible while I have the time. Last week I left my bike alone for the most part, and put my nose to the grindstone on unfinished projects. I screenprinted 80 editions of a 3-color poster. I sewed a wool skirt (just in time for the weather to turn unseasonably warm again), and finished constructing a life-size crow--with feathers cut from discarded bike tubes--that will be part of a new window display at the HUB.

Considering how great I felt at the training race last night, a little time away from cycling must've done my riding some good too!

Here are some pictures of works in progress.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dollar Primes, New Skinsuits, Poor Planning

Friday night. With a heavy pink bag full of racing gear (team kit, embrocation, lipstick etc.) strapped to my back, I ride to the bus terminal. While waiting, I take advantage of the photo booth. The bus takes me to Boston's South Station, I ride to Craig's house, wait hours for everybody to get ready, then carpool with the Cambridge Bike guys to Connecticut--to my teammate Dan's mom's house. She lives only minutes from Saturday's Chainbiter race course.

Saturday. Dollar Primes. Cold wind and rain: it feels like 'cross should! I have fun. Making some mistakes in the first lap puts me way back, but I start passing people, picking them off. Then I slip in a corner and do a superman--mud all over my front. Oh well. The Ghostship guys are handing out dollar primes on the back stretch and I grab one--two, three--as I claw my way back up a few places in the remaining laps. I finish cheerfully in the back.

After recovering with grilled cheese and beer, we cut, sew, serge and embroider with Dan's mom. By Sunday morning, Dan and I have new kits!

Sunday. New Skinsuits. Eager as I am to show off the gold embroidery on my new skinsuit, I nonetheless wake up on the wrong side of the bed: I hate everything. Still, I race, and when I see my friends at the top of the run up holding a giant neon-pink "Go Hannah!" sign at the top of the run up--and I'm passing people--my attitude makes a 180. I love 'cross. I make my strongest finish yet at a UCI race (an unimpressive but satisfying 19th).

Poor Planning. I thought Dan had organized a ride home, but after the last race, I don't see anyone from Providence still around. Uh-oh. Adam Sullivan is my knight in shining armor--uhhh...the guy with a car headed to Rhode Island--who rescues me from having to bike back from North Hampton (or get a ride to Boston and take the train home in the morning). All I want to do is go home and eat some ice cream and sleep in my own bed, and I get to.

Until next weekend,