Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bikeworks/Hallamore/Swansea Velo club present the BLOUNT SEAFOODS FALL RIVER CRIT

My racing club is putting on it's annual criterium around the seafood factory. It will be fun.

So far I am the only person signed up for the Women's 1-2-3 category. I beg you all (that is, you who are of the appropriate gender and racing category) to sign up! If there are less than twenty of us it will be lame, if there are less than 10 it will be cancelled.

I offer my thanks to Bikeworks/Hallamore for their generous support of my road racing season!


  1. How did the race go? or Did the race happen???

  2. You killed it yesterday at SBCX. We had the HUP tent, happy to help with your last minute 'firend's bike' adjustment. Either way; you killed it, nice job.

  3. Hmm... HH is overdue for an update.

  4. Hannah, I THINK I saw that really cool pink and white bike fly by in the women's 3/4 race on Sunday in Gloucester, no????
    Also, SOMEONE else selling cupcakes and not you. Whatz up with that????

  5. would've been the 1/2/3 race if it was me, unless i was warming up. Unfortunately, I didn't invent selling cupcakes.

    Were you there to race?