Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy, busy

I've been doing some of this, and a lot of that (10/22/08 entry).


  1. Awesome pic!
    Yup, saw you in Gloucester for sure wizzing by on the course. You must have been doing a warm up before the 3/4 race started. I did not do Gloucester. Just tooled around and course marshalled. Trying to get over some nagging injuries. :-( I did Canton and doing Wrenthem too. Hope to meet you and your niffy bike before the season ends!

  2. yeah! Will you be at North Hampton? Come say hi to me and my pink bike!

  3. Bummer.... no North Hampton for me. It's my grandfather's 95th birthday this weekend. I'm signing up for Lowell and Palmer for sure though and possibly RI.

  4. Hannah,
    THAT, is a great pic of you on the gas.
    Good luck the rest of the season, get some call-up points, yo!

  5. I got 2, but too much time printing (rather than on my bike) is making me slow!